Tax Audit, Collections, and Controversy

  • Federal Taxation

We guide clients through the audit process and advocate on your behalf with the IRS examiners assigned to your case.  Where appropriate, we will apply for remedies such as installment payment agreements, innocent spouse relief, and equitable relief.  We also represent clients in Collection Due Process appeals and TEFRA appeals and negotiate with IRS representatives to achieve appropriate compromises.   We represent clients in both the United States Tax Court and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

  • Virginia Taxation

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We assist clients in audit defense for individual, corporate, and fiduciary income tax, as well as for retail sales tax, use tax, cigarette excise tax, and all other taxes administered by the Virginia Department of Taxation.  We negotiate on your behalf to get you in compliance as quickly as possible.  Our firm represents taxpayers in applications to the Tax Commissioner for correction of erroneous assessments and for tax credits requiring advance approval.  We handle administrative appeals as well as cases litigated in the Virginia Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court of Virginia.

  • Local Taxation

We also assist clients in applying for correction of assessments of local taxes. Examples of such taxes include personal property tax; real estate tax; business, professional, and occupational licensing (or “BPOL”) tax; and machinery and tools tax.  We will continue to represent you if those assessments ultimately require appeal to the local board of equalization, to the Virginia Tax Commissioner, or to court.

  • Tax Compliance

We prepare complex fiduciary tax returns on both the federal and state levels. Our firm also works to secure tax-exemptions for non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, and other exempt entities.  We will apply for status recognition and exemption certificates and will register your organization with the appropriate governmental agencies.

  • Tax Planning


In the context of domestic relations, we review property settlement agreements and spousal or child support agreements to determine their tax implications.  Our tax planning services in the business arena extend much further.  We draft and review articles of organization and bylaws, asset purchase agreements, sale-leaseback agreements, and operating agreements for limited liability corporations and partnerships.  We additionally advise clients regarding the tax implications of proposed mergers and acquisitions and assist in business succession planning.

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